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the hero failsx: Well, this cockmongler isn't answering me.
JULEY BOOLY: mongler.
the hero failsx: NO
the hero failsx: MONGLER
JULEY BOOLY: ;0 haha
the hero failsx: No mongrel
JULEY BOOLY: what's a mongler, James?
the hero failsx: Someone who mongles
JULEY BOOLY: hahahahaha
JULEY BOOLY: &what is mongling?
JULEY BOOLY: tell me please.
the hero failsx: I dunno
JULEY BOOLY: I'd love to know.
the hero failsx: I'll look it up
the hero failsx: I am
the hero failsx: Fuckin' shit
the hero failsx: There's no such thing as "Mongle"
the hero failsx: D:
JULEY BOOLY: HAWHAW, told you nigger.
the hero failsx: So, stfu
JULEY BOOLY: well, you can't be a cock mangle.
the hero failsx: to injure severely, disfigure, or mutilate by cutting, slashing, or crushing:
the hero failsx: Sure you can
JULEY BOOLY: you could be a mangled cock though
the hero failsx: "You mangled my cock, you cockmangler"
JULEY BOOLY: mother fucker.
the hero failsx: ;D
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Things are going alright I suppose.
My mom laid off about the Meth thing,
bc she realized how fucking stupid it was I guess.

Hmm.. Jonn's being a douchebag bc I don't like him anymore
&he's like in love/obsessed with me.

I went to Scoot's friday night,
it was kind of crazy, since I haven't seen him in over a month.
But he looked as good as he always does. :]

My camera is fucked up, &so is my car.
Nothing ever works right around here.

&there's something really wrong with my stomach.
It's been hurting since FRIDAY, ugh!
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I took a hiatus from reality
&now that I'm back I just need another.

How do I deserve any of the shit that has just been piled onto me?
&all the shit that I already had piled a mile high before all this.

What did I do that was so wrong?

I'm just so.. worn down to the end of everything.
it's like.. there's nothing left to cushion anything.
I don't know, I'm just so fucking.. depressed &exhausted.
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So somehow, my cousin thinks I'm doing meth &that I'm a totally bad kid to hang out with.
She told my mom that I'm doing meth.

I've never seen meth, and wouldn't know where to get any.

&My mom found out about my accident.
That's like two really bad things in one day
I can't handle this anymore

My cousin also said she thinks I've been doing it for like a year.
People can't just do meth for a year straight &maintain. Not even a month.
Meth heads don't eat &they don't sleep,
they just get tweeked out of their minds for days, that become weeks &turn into months.
If I'd been doing meth for a year, I'd be dead. FOR SURE.

&I mean she could've at least picked the drug I actually do.

So I'm about ready to just disappear.

Also, I wouldn't look like this if I were a meth head;;
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(no subject)

I get up &it's raining
My house is full of dark blue shadows
I just had the saddest dream in the world
the one where James comes back to me
&doesn't care about those things he did before
&everything is just perfect
he still loves me
Then I wake up
&I feel so so sad

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I think all the shitty weather is making me like this.
&That can't be good bc all winter is, is shitty weather.
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Make a stand, clap your hands girl, hit the floor get crunk do yo dance girl.

So I'm done with all my finals. I passed Web Site Design, Astronomy, Geology, &N. Wellness. I don't know about the others. But yeah, it's Thursday-it feels like Friday since I don't have to go to school tomorroow.
I'm trying to stay out all night. &Have lots of fun.

Last night I went to Applebees with Heather, Juliya, Jordyn &Sabina. That was funnn.
Then I went to Keith's. Connie was talking for like five minutes &I wasn't listening to her but when I did what she was saying made no sense to me, so I was like "What the fuck are you talking about? Shutup bitch!" &we all started laughing.

I hope it doesn't rain all weekend. That would be shitty. There's supposed to be a party at JG's. BURNIN' SHIT!

Oh man it's going to storm like crazy tonight. :]


Peter Frampton makes me happy
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starryyyy nights: happy birthday baby:*
shesscene enough: happy birthday!!!
she wants wings: happy birfday!
walshcav0506: happy birthday to the awesomest sister ever:)
YouInJoyMyself: happy b-day
JRynae7: happy birthday girlfriend(literly;))!!!!!
POOP mouth KOREY: happy fucking birthday! :D
soup for hobos: happy birthday fool
xxmake believex: happy birthday lovely.
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